Buying Guide: Cobra Drivers

Barrie Evans

17 January 2022

What makes a driver ‘the best’? You might want the most distance, the straightest flight or the most workable shots, so it’s about finding a top-performing driver that caters to your needs. Finding them all in one place is pretty rare, but Cobra has come up with something special for you.

Cobra LTDx drivers

The brand-new LTDx driver range is brilliant for so many different reasons, from the low spin of the PWR-COR and the uber-fast ball speeds of the H.O.T face. But it’s the different models that make these drivers so outstanding.

Cobra LTDx Models

Firstly, you have the LTDx design, which boasts all the most advanced, innovative technologies in the industry within a well-rounded set-up. But beware: this is a driver that really must be fitted to fulfil its potential. Luckily, that's something we can help with!

VIDEO | Finding your perfect driver

Then comes the LTDx LS model; a low-spinning variation of the LTDx. If you’re a confident ball-striker with a faster swing speed, this model helps you find that penetrating, workable ball flight on top of plenty of distance.

Finally, we’ve got the LTDx Max. This is weighted for forgiving, draw-bias flights. If you're a right-handed golfer and have a tendency to miss to the right, this will help you stay in play or even on the fairway, which makes a huge difference to the scorecard.

In truth, no matter how great the performance, you’ll never get the most out of any of these models without a fitting. As is the case with any driver, having an expert tweaking the specs to complement your game exactly will give you that edge. With this range available from mid-February, it’s worth getting in touch to register your interest now!

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